The appointment is scheduled for March 22nd, 2012 at 15.00 GMT through an H.323 videoconference over the advanced academic networks in Latin America (RedCLARA), the Caribbean (C@ribNet), Europe (GÉANT) and Sub-Saharan Africa (UbuntuNet Alliance). If you belong to an institution that is part of a national research and education network (NREN) which is part of one of these regional networks and wish to participate through videoconference, please book the space for your room by Monday March 5th at 15.00 GMT by sending an email to indicating the following information:

Name of the institution
NREN to which it is associated
IP of the videoconference equipment to be connected
Name of the technical coordinator (who manages the videoconference equipment)
Technical coordinator’s email address
Technical coordinator’s Skype ID
Technical coordinator’s’ MSN ID

Please remember, spaces are limited!


But  if you are not connected to advanced academic networks or do not have access to a videoconference room and still wish to be able to participate in the meeting, do not worry. We will offer live transmission through Internet and will open a conversation channel via Skype ( so that you can send your questions to the speakers.

Don’t forget it; we will be waiting for you on March 22nd! By the way, have you thought about it, about the end of the world?