Shall we talk seriously about natural disasters and the end of the world?

Tuesday February 7th, 2012, 19:53 GMT: In 0.17 seconds, after typing the phrase 2012 end of the world Mayas, without inverted commas, Google (in Spanish) gives you 3.020.000 results. With the phrase December 21st, 2012 the same search engine yields 31.800.000 results in 0.25 seconds. If the announcements and predictions about the end of the world (whether with a grip on reality or not) are not the big issue every single human being on the planet talks about, they must surely be within the top five. Can or should academic networks address these conversations which at first glance seem to be far from the serious formality and scientific rigour? The LA NREN PR group (the event’s organisers) will not answer this question; they will simply invite you to participate in the First Global Virtual Day where specialists from various scientific areas and countries will address the topic “2012, end or substantial change of the world?” from their individual fields of research.

Participate through videoconference in the First Global Virtual Day called “2012, end or substantial change of the world?” on March 22nd at 15.00 GMT.”


If you are not connected to advanced academic networks or do not have access to a videoconferencing room and want to participate in the meeting, Do no worry! We will have an online streaming at: and by the Skype account will be possible to send questions and comments to the panelists.